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Tyrone used as a verb. Tyroned is used in cases where a couple are apart from each other. Such as a ladies boyfriend or husband is working overseas due to work/military assignments. Men, while overseas, joke with each other inferring that Tyrone is back home taking care of his lady for him. Tyrone is also known by the name of Jody. Jody is the Caucasian version of Tyrone.
Billy: I talked to my old lady this morning, she said everything was all right at the house.

Rick: Yea I bet she is getting Tyroned right now. He is sitting on your couch, drinking your beer and watching your TV.

Billy: Well at least my wife isn't getting Jody'ed.
by Ol Willy November 19, 2010
when a guy named Tyrone has fucked your girl then she has been Tyroned. Tyrone's have huge dicks and are heavy cummers.
Amber Marie has been Tyroned ALOT....
by The MAN4ME February 23, 2015
getting cooked on the football field by the best player at west potomac
when a player spins twice then trucks a guy and still gets a touchdown youve just been TYRONED
by wakktakkyou November 29, 2011

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