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The epitome of a crackhead. Tyrone biggums has used the money he made selling real estate and winning Fear Factor to buy crack cocaine. Cocaine's a helluvadrug.
Lemme tell you something you might not know Joe Roegan... I smoke rocks.
by Christian Fagan April 14, 2004
Tyrone is America's favorite crackhead. He can be found teaching classes, participating on Fear Factor, and lifting up buses to retrieve nickels.
"Joe Rogan, there's something you don't know about me. I smoke rock."
by Cascade Cabernet April 19, 2004
Everybody's favorite crackhead. As seen on Chappelle's Show.
Tyrone Biggums teaches little kids how to get high.
by Seth March 16, 2004
Tyrone Biggums is the most dedicated crackhead ever known to mankind. He sells Real Estate and Has Participated on Fear Factor to be able to purchase the Biggest crack rock in the world that he proclaims will keep he and his girlfriend "high for hours".
Joe Rogan - "These coals are over one-thousand degrees hot"
Tyrone Biggums- "Gaddam"
by Michael Graham April 19, 2005
Dis nigga throws the best $550,000 crack parties around!
And that children, was the first time I sucked a dick for crack!
by Huevudo December 06, 2004
a funny ass crackhead on chapelle's show

Finally i'm able to give you that rock you've always wanted and we can get high for --- HOURS
by ray April 28, 2004
The world's most beloved crackhead, seen on Chapelle's Show
"It's called crack. It's great! All you need to make it is some cocaine, baking powder, and I think I tasted egg and cinnamon." -Tyrone Biggums
by bigjimdx May 27, 2005
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