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Singing in voices that could be described as Satan after the cable TV gets cut off and Ozzy after realizing he's not on cable TV anymore, Type O offer all types of slow, crushing anthemic tunes that deal with things that are never too happy. Something tells me you could feed these guys Prozac and they still wouldn't have a brighter day. They'd complain about sunburn. Music for bats, for sure.
Some guys have all the luck--just that it's all bad. In the glass half-empty or half-full dilemma, the fellas in Type O are the type to simply break the glass and say it wasn't worth keeping anyway. The kind of guys high-school guidance counselors look over at and figure if they can just send them over to Vo-Tech without too much hassle (in other words, without them killing anyone), then great! Another successful guided tour out of high school.
Vampires United
by Swatkowski November 22, 2003
1. The greatest metal band of all time;

2. The band whose logo I have tattooed on my back.
The best Type O Negative albums are "Slow, Deep and Hard", and "World Coming Down".
by industrialfan71 April 08, 2008
A morose gothic band
Type O Negative sing fo odd things
by Larstait November 10, 2003
A rare type of blood - the very first one mankind had - so the one the cavemen had in them.

It's also the blood anyone can have put into there system in emergency.
Crisis - there's a carcrash posse in A&E - anyone got any Type O Negative
by The Mamma with the Quan November 14, 2007
A kick ass band with an interesting sound I love them.
None i dont want to put aN example quit it now you stupi piece of a broke down computer
by Fawn December 09, 2003
A good, and cheesy Doom / Gothic Metal band
hey! How are ya!?!?1
by Camilo March 15, 2004
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