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Amazing 1922 German silent film about the vampire, Nosferatu. There has never been a more frightening portrayal of a vampire than in that film. The movie RULES!!!!!
"What do you think is the creepiest vampire movie?"
"Without a doubt, Nosferatu (1922)
by industrialfan71 February 21, 2008
1. The greatest metal band of all time;

2. The band whose logo I have tattooed on my back.
The best Type O Negative albums are "Slow, Deep and Hard", and "World Coming Down".
by industrialfan71 April 08, 2008
A pussy that has very large and puffy lips, and, when wearing the right panties or pants, shows off an awesome camel toe.
"My wife has the phatest of phat monkeys!"
by industrialfan71 April 10, 2008
Stupidity that goes above and beyond the normal realm of idiocy.........a real knuckle-dragging quasi cro-magnon person. If you encounter one, shoot first.
My wife's uncle Pete is scary stupid. He thought that Shakespeare lived at the same time as Elvis!!!
by industrialfan71 April 21, 2008
A chick, usually older than the typical crowd a metal show/club, who is most likely divorced with at least 2 kids. She usually starts to hang around with a group of younger metalhead guys, and if you play your cards right, will either blow you in the alley, or take you home and nail here while her kids are sleeping.
"Back in 91'-92' my buddy and I were constantly gettin ass from this metal mama who lived on Staten Island. What a total piece of ass!!!!!!!!"
by industrialfan71 April 10, 2008
Any hot tub/jacuzzi in a motel or "couples" resort. Named for the large amounts of spajunka released into them during sex.
"Hey baby, lets get busy in the jacuzzi!" "Hell no, I ain't sittin in that nasty-ass spajunka tub!"
by industrialfan71 January 01, 2010
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