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A successful Youtuber/Blogger who has over 40,000 subscribers to his channel. Best known for his satirical and quirky humour.
Guy: Dude gay people don't deserve to get married

Gay guy: Hey watch this video "why gay marriage is WRONG"
by tyler oakley. I think you'll like it

*watches video*

Guy:whoa...I'm an moronic asshole
by RainbowNinja July 06, 2009
1085 346
Tyler Oakley is a 24 year old American youtuber and he describes himself as a professional fangirl, but he is so much more than that. As of now, Tyler has 3.5 million subscribers on youtube! He's incredibly tech-savvy (as in he knows how to work that social media to get followers and likes and views) and super funny. Tyler is shipped with Troye Sivan. He is (was?) also a huge fan of One Direction but a few days ago there was a twitter blow-up in which Liam called Tyler "not a real fan". Tyler is everything. Note: his fandom does not yet have a name.
Everything that comes out of Tyler Oakley's mouth is golden.
by Mikayla Park January 26, 2014
119 19
a nigga that got slayed and kicked out of the One Direction fandom by Liam Payne.
"Oh shit, did you hear about Tyler Oakley"

You just got Tyler Oakleyfied.
by liamslays January 18, 2014
54 172
a stupid gay guy that makes unfunny youtube videos, sends creepy tweets to barely legal celebrities, and adds stupid comments to everything he reblogs on tumblr
white girl: tyler oakley is so funny lmao
cool person: he's whack like crack
by pizzabasedgod January 07, 2013
263 1448