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A hot Australian boy who is sadly gay but has AMAZING blue eyes and a sexy face who makes awesome youtube videos!!!
You should really check him and his channel out.
P.S. I do indeed support the gay rights so if u don't remember gays don't judge you
by Thecanadiangirlinlove December 03, 2013
Troye Sivan Mellet, known by Troye Sivan, is a 18 year old South-African born Australian actor and youtuber. He has 1.5 million subscribers on youtube and starred in Spud, Spud 2, and Spud 3 as John 'Spud' Milton. Troye is besties with Tyler Oakley (their ship name is Troyler) and Zoe Sugg. Troye is perfect and funny and so adorable and all his videos are super relatable. His favorite thing to tweet is "ayyyyyyyyy" (used in many different ways). Troye also is an avid tumblr user at troyesivan.tumblr.com.
What is Troye Sivan doing right now, you ask? Probably updating social media or hanging out with his cool British youtuber friends.
by Carolina Alverez January 28, 2014