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A slutty girl that sleeps with married men, has really bad eye brows, and rides horses when she's not riding various men.
Did you see that girl performing beastiality with her livestock?
She must be a Ty.
by Wilma Abraham January 07, 2012
145 153
Net nerd version of "thank you"
n00b: "lol ty 4 tha pix!"
by Dean March 27, 2005
1418 653
Ty is a name that's been around for, like, a kabajillion years. It is universally agreed to mean "a total stud with a massive carrot". Tys are almost always popular with the women, considering the sexy name. Also, if you are a Ty, you are likely to be rich and famous as an adult, if you aren't already.
Man, I'd kill to be a Ty like Ty....
by Pyropetera July 06, 2011
977 612
Computer text word meaning - Thank You
Boy: You look nice in that dress

Girl: Ty, you look good too
by Chris1066 July 05, 2006
955 633
A guy that has a HUGE dick. He can handle any girl that wants him. Can also be very sweet and kind, and can make a girl feel like a woman!
1. DAMN! look at that ty!
by pwed May 24, 2011
591 440
These are the first letters of the words 'Thank You'.
/player 2 wins a game/
player 1: gg good game
Player 2: ty thank you
Player 1: np /or/ yw no problem / you'r welcome
Player 2: G2g, cya l8r m8! Got to go, see you later mate!
Player 1: Cya see you
/player 2 left the game/
/player 1 left the game/
by Urban Dictionary November 16, 2005
600 462
A redneck or farmer who believes they are always right, also known as a goofy fucker
Hes bein a real a ty today.
by timmytommed September 25, 2012
226 140
A person that has an ass that was sent from above, or chisled by the GODS.
Ty can i marry your ass?
Ty I'm jealous of your ass!
Ty has a big ass for a white guy!
by justin-bobbie January 07, 2012
290 235