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A playfull nickname given to a girl's vagina. Name derived from the similarities between the attitude u have toward your kids and toward pussy. It annoys the shit outta you, but you still love it.
(Difference between uses)
1.) "My kid drew on the wall with crayons again. I'm gonna beat the fuck outta that little twerp."
2.) "Damn dude, check that bitch out..."
"I'm gonna beat the fuck outta that little twurp."
by Mitch T. Trimble December 10, 2008
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when your in the bathroom drinking a beer while smoking and taking a crap
i have to go twurp
by billyjoemexicano707 August 11, 2011
A Man Thats Sniffs Womens Bike Seats.
Eeew You Dirty Twurp
by Emma Davies March 31, 2007

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