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The mom of a tween. Usually can be spotted at any Twilight premiere with their tween.
- "The only people who buy the Twilight books are tweens"
- "Nah, there's a big group of twoms buying them too"
by Julian Casa November 23, 2009
A straight that isn't quite a straight when playing poker; a four card straight instead of five. Often causing the player to bet large on a losing hand.
I put all my money on that hand!

Too bad you had a twom...
by hellolalala1 March 13, 2009
The world of magic. An Acronym.
It is an acronym, which means that it stands for something longer. In this case it's TWOM, "the world of magic."
by Corey Cooper April 30, 2007
total waste of money

pronounced "twahm"
that is so TWOM

that yellow tape is TWOM , it doesn't even stick well!
by e.h.l. January 24, 2009
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