A drum pattern that is used in a lot, especially in drum and bass and its subgenres that end in "step." It sounds like this: boom cha, boomcha.
Dnb uses two step a lot whereas earlier jungle used a cut amen break more often.
by Gnaarfmox May 17, 2007
a dance that was origionally created by 50 cent, the greatest rapper in the history of rapping. it's a hardcore dance done to music thats hard to dance to. it takes a lot of skill to do. only 50 cent can really rock it.
50 cent: yo im da greatest rapper eva...i created da two step!
me: omg 50. you're amazing!
by Hinster d. Gangster September 16, 2007
stupidest thing i've ever seen in my life.

the hardcore scene is being polluted by little fucking high schoolers that think theyre so hardcore because they can windmill faster than imaginable or scream really loud or listen to some obscure new jersey "hxc" band.

look at that idiot two stepping and thinking hes defiant rebel. ill show you defiant. lets stab him in the eye.
by SOPHIEOMG April 13, 2006
A dance done to Ska music that the scenester sluts and "hardcore" kids stole and added a "hXc air punch!" to. It does not work with hardcore music and people look stupid while doing it to hardcore music, especially modern hardcore music that isn't really hardcore.
Wow Jimmy, you sure looked like a douche trying to 2-step at the Fall Out Boy show last night! Don't you know that 2-stepping is for ska?
by Panic Attack! July 09, 2005
A stupid ass dance by hardcore kids, that ruined hardcore. Dance for idiots that are posers, are deluxe goonies, and think that think music is a lifestyle.
"Marlo! Let's go two step because we're hot, and cool, and even though NOBODY else thinks so. HARDCORE FOR LIFE!!! <3"
by Your Pimp June 06, 2005
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