A Teen that plays a online game called counter strike :condition zero.He is a pro at the game and when he kills some1 he says "Go 2 Sleep" and owns with Deagles and Usps. He Loves Ak47 more than an M4A1, aka M16
Some Noob:

Damn TwiZZ how u see me around that corner!! OMG!! u prefired me wat a cheater!!


Go 2 sleep, you scrub.
by TwiZZ July 29, 2006
Top Definition
to be intoxicated by alcohol.
or alcohol itself.
bruh i'm sooo twizz!!

Yo where the twizz at?!?!
by Krazy Clean January 04, 2011
Lady jizz
twat jizz
That girl i met at the bar last night turned out to be a real freak. she got twizz all over my new sheets.
by The Nate. May 23, 2012
1. (v) To jizz on someone via twitter.
2. (n) The twitter jizz itself.
joebow696: @lizabeach05 8======D~~~~~
lizabeach05: I can't believe @joebow696 just twizzed on me!


lizabeach05: Now my phone is sticky from all that twizz.
by dbeach January 20, 2010
(Adj.) Used to describe something that is mediocre.
"You kidding me? That shit was hella twizz, man."
by Kniggah June 03, 2007
Adj. lame or wack
Why you being a twizz? Pass the joint home slice!
by Roofie April 03, 2015
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