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aka choad, shit, dope, sketch, twack, sprack, shards, a little bit bowl
Hot girl that likes to get spracked: (after 27hrs of getting spracked and doing some other things) Hey, I gotta get going but could you smoke a little bit bowl first?

Accomplice: I'm outta twiz but go get my piezo and you can hit the stem.
by sprack'd July 27, 2011
The act of incest between a farther and son whilst on heavy drugs.
Hey dad, that was a great Twiz last night.
by Bettra8 March 09, 2015
Twenty dollar bill

"Dave,bring your ID and a twiz with you. It's dollar beers at the OD and were getting fucked up"
by Anthony Argiropoulos August 09, 2008
a dance where you move your ams in circles close to your body and bend your knees and move your legs towards each other repeatedly.
look at that white girl twiz!!!
by sharon jones April 18, 2010
vagina; usage akin to twat
When you touch me like that, my twiz gets all gooshy.
by jack m January 13, 2004
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