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When you tweet in obsessively manner about everything and everyone in sight because you are bored out of your mind, or chose to do things other than being productive.
I was so bored at work that I logged on to my twitter account and had an hour or two of twitterrhea.
by ruski55 July 11, 2012
3 0
symptoms: obsessive twittering in a short time span (often pointless tweets posted just to pass the time), twitching, putting @ signs in front of a person's name before texting or emailing them

diagnosis: one of your followers will say something along the lines of "holy shit, STOP!"

treatment: no cure; treatment includes throwing your phone out of the window and running over your router with your neighbor's lifted Ford F350
a few examples of twitterrhea include:
74 tweets in 6 1/2 minutes
7,523 tweets in a week
by dr. starquiesha tweet, m.d. May 21, 2009
27 6
Too many twitters per hour.
Guy Kawasaki had twitterrhea when he posted 18 Tweets in one hour on a Friday afternoon.
by Julie Wright July 18, 2008
1711 4949