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Proper Noun. The new Facebook.

The bastard child of Facebook and Twitter.
"Man, did you check the Twitterbook today?"
by Tzar Romulus March 13, 2009
(verb) When a Facebook user uses his/her status as they would use a Twitter.
Jane Doe is eating breakfast. 9:00am

Jane Doe is washing her dishes. 9:30am

Jane Doe doesn't like doing the dishes. 9:45am

John Doe things Jane Doe needs to stop Twitterbooking. 10:00am
by Rose Tyler-Tennant August 02, 2009
When you update your Twitter status and use that same status for Facebook, or vice versa.
Jane: "You see Frank had the same status for Facebook and Twitter today?"

Sean: "Yeah I guess they're calling that Twitterbook now."

Jane: "He even used the same hash tag on Facebook."

Sean: "What a tool."
by C-Money8691 February 15, 2012