Top Definition
1. To make a reemergence tweet after a long hiatus on twitter. 2. A person who you thought was dead but then appears on twitter.
3. An online miracle.
1. Is DP dead he hasn't tweeted in 3 days? Nevermind hes a #TwitterChrist and just tweeted that his nut sack is sweating from sitting underneath his blanket for too long.

2. Holy #TwitterChrist, 2pac is alive because real 2pac has a blue star next to his name and twitters celebrity confirm is flawless.

2. Who the hell is Ham Celek following me? Oh #TwitterChrist I went to high school with that kid but hes dead to me.

3. Holy #TwitterChrist I can not believe that happened.
by Jonny5G36 November 04, 2010

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