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When so many twitter posts are being sent to your phone that it renders the phone unusable.
I would have called you but my phone is being twitter raped.
by ][oo March 26, 2009
When you have either subscribed to too many people or subscribed to friends who stupidly have conversations via Twitter, and your phone suffers loss of battery and ability to send texts due to getting excessive Twitter updates.

This can be achieved, on a worsened scale, when your phone happens to be off during the time of the twitter rape, resulting in a never ending stream of Tweets when you turn on your phone.
1. brendaloohoo: You're posting the info of your sex] life all over the internet...It's apparently everybody's business.
hollldolll: Because he's annoying me, and i'm pissed.
brendaloohoo: then don't tweet us if you don't want us to say something
Ghostdance202: Shut the fuck up] and stop twitter raping my phone.

2. I got twitter raped so badly this morning cause of Brenda and Holly's stupid fucking fight that they could have just texted to each other.
by Pimp Master McGee December 31, 2009
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