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Twite is not a word. It isnt even real slang. A couple of slow friends of mine thought that is what British people say as a statement of agreement. It does not mean ANYTHING and you sound like a complete ass when you use it.

Also, people might think you are calling them a twat. Another reason not to use it.
"Man that movie was sweet"
"...What the Hell did you call me"
"Nothing I just said twite!"
"I hate you."
#stupid #nonexistant #illogical #invented by idiots #lame
by Fraser91 January 22, 2008
The last or first name of a Mad cunt, who gets pun and a lots of head. Usually has a huge dick and known for getting girls to orgasm just to the thought of him. Has to fend off girls left and right. Guys even are known for converting to homosexuals.
Sally-"Carly I wish Blake was more like a Twite"
Carly-"I know not everyone can be like him"
#badass #sick #nasty #god #jesus
by Dawgs55 March 30, 2015
The act of posting on Twitter while simultaneously defecating in the toilet, usually on your mobile phone.
"For Gods' sake hurry up in there, I'm burstin for a piss!"

"Be with you in a moment love, just having a twite"
#thunderbox it centre #dropping kids at the pool #shite #twitter #tweet
by Sinbadian July 06, 2012
Being too white.
Hai gurl imma needja to holla atcha boi on mah personal phone. I can't be tellin you all the dirty things I want on hur gurl you know they be tracking my shit. All up in my bidness all up in my bidness. 
-what's that all about?
Fool whatchu talkin 'bout? You read you read! Whatchu twite to understand fool you dumb.
#twite #too white #too #white #dummy
by Ian and Cara November 21, 2011
Synonym of other words of accordance. Shortens up phrases and makes you sound a hell of a lot smarter than you actually are. (Be sure to pronounce it "Tw-eye-t" so people don't think you're calling them a twat).
If I were a british person, I would say "twite" instead of "hmmm, yes i see what you're trying to say there and you have a decent point."
#concure #agree #disagree #twit #twat
by Jazmin007 November 23, 2007
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