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The yellow cheese flavoured residue left on your fingers after eating a packet of Twisties.
Dude 1: Pass me a pen please.
Dude 2: Do you have twistie fingers?
Dude 1: Yeah, I just ate 100 grams of Twisties.
Dude 2: No pen for you, I don't want my pen ruined like all the others.
Dude 1: Okay, hold on. *licks fingers to decheese*
Dude 2: Alright, enjoy the pen. *hands over pen*
by Gordon Hanzmann-Johnson August 11, 2007
The state of having yellow cheese powder on your fingers, while eating a packet of Twisties. The phrase was made popular in the comedy series Kath and Kim.

Similar to "Dorito fingers" and "Cheezel fingers".
Don't touch me! You've got Twistie fingers!
by doc brown June 03, 2007