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A twinzy is a person you are so much like, u can/arent related. Usually charateristics are very similar as in looks, acts, talks, walks, dresses,etc.
Brother: Mom! you and erin are twinzys
Me: What do you mean?
Mother: Like Mother like Daughter:)
Me: Dammit...
by Fritzy:) August 20, 2011
6 2
The stature between two people who have similar to exactly matching qualities but hair colors may be different. Also you have to have a male-female or female-female relationship (male-male is just queer). Swag must be at a maxium and any bitching must be in a light-hearted manor or kept at an absolute minimum.
Danielle and Jordan must be twinzies because they are basically the same person.
by swaggarmann May 24, 2011
4 5