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Something Simon never did, does not, and certainly never will have, unfortunately for him. Meanwhile, it remains a source of immense amusement for everyone else.
Where's Simon's twilly??

I say, that boy appears to have no twilly!

Oh no! twilly gone!
by Team BC October 11, 2004
Twilly Is the name of a Moglin for the game AdventureQuest, abbreviated AQ. He heals your character, and is a short, orange-reddish thing. some find him cute, while others like to kick him, ALOT. you can find AQ on battleon.com. and no this isnt an advertisement, I just saw twilly on the list of words, and i thought hey looky here!
twilly is cute, but i like to kick him more.
by Jake_the_Mighty September 24, 2007
(n) verrry rarely seen name. once found as a honey colector according to saxon
T-Willy got 128 pounds of honey from his hive.
by pat November 03, 2003