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(n.) A depressed teenage college girl who cannot decide whether she wants to screw a dead man or a dog.
Girl 1: Oh, I can't decide whether to f**k that dog or that corpse.
Girl 2: You're such a twilighter.
by xio-x2 September 10, 2010
9 7
someone who reads/ and or watches the movies on the Twilight series with passion
"did you read all of the Twilight books yet"
"No, I am not a twilighter.."
by G#3995 March 24, 2010
3 7
1)The most annoying group of people you could ever associate with in life.

- Like to point out every little thing about the book series thinking that other people actually enjoyed reading the books or watching the films, which will eventually be a big flop since the release of the New Moon movie.

2)People who enjoy reading Twilight cause other literature was too hard to read.

3) Epic failures.
1) Girl-Oh Em Gee GO TEAM JACOB

Boy-stfu you're such a twilighter!!!

2)Ay dunno howz 2 reed Steevin King bookz so ay luk smart reeding a b00k aboot vampyrsss

3)girl-I bought all the Twilight books, saw every movie up to date and have a poster of every Twilight character in my room! omg Edward is soooooo hawttt!!!

boy-how much did you spend on that?

girl-probably over 200 bucks.

by Jimbo Johnnyseed November 22, 2009
8 17
The epitome of Twilight fandom. There are no words to explain how a Twilighter is, you just have to be one to get it. Twilight is our air and we will kick your ass if you say anything against it.
Most mistaken Twilighters for Twibiters, or Twilight teenies. If someone says "OMG LIKE I LOVE EDWARD OME TWILIGHT!" they are not Twilighters.
Twilighters can be seen wearing teeshirts for the book that have quotes that only a TRUE Twilighter would understand i.e "Which one is Edwin?" or something underrated. Or have Twilight quotes written on their jeans and hands. Most don't like the Twilight movie and some do like it. It doesn't matter.
Twilighters usually get excited about the movie even if somewhere in their head they hate how annoyingly famous it's getting to preppy kids. Twilighters usually have many inside jokes about Twilight and deep discussions about it and have met Stephenie one or more times.

Oh, and we stole Harry Potter's fame AND it's actor.
Beat that, wizard-nerds.
You might have brooms, but we have kick-ass cold, dead and sparkling people.
Harry Potter fan: Harry Potter could kick Edward's ass.
Twilighter: Actually, Edward Cullen could flick Harry's head and shatter his skull.
Harry Potter fan: WE HAVE BROOMS!
Twilighter: Ooh. What are you going to do? Hit us with them?

Twibiter: I LOVE EDWARD. Twilight is my favorite book. I love it more.

Put that in your cauldron and suck it.
by Irritable Grizzly Bear! July 10, 2008
149 161
Some one who is in love with Edward Cullen,the fictional vampire character in the Twilight Saga.
Me - "Holy crap,she's in love with a fictional character!"

Him - "I know! She wants to marry him,or something.She's such a twilighter."
by Jess Hilary Lynn December 13, 2008
19 40
a hardcore fan of the ever-popular book series twilight.
Person - z0mg i l0v3 tWiLiGhT!111ONE!!1!!1!ONEONE!!1!shift!!!23!#!

Me - u Ar3 s0o0o0o0o0o0o0o a TWILIGHTER nao!!1@$!$@#!!1!!
by sarah delana July 29, 2008
31 52
a retarded person who thinks they are a vampire but are really not cuz they are just retarded they need a life and need to get out of their house oh yeah and u know what sucks? stephnie meyer ruined vampires.... seriously retard, they cant get in the sun or they will burn up to a crisp...a few last words.....
"get a life you morons"
that really grinds my gears.....
hey there is a twilighter i bet she thinks edward is "hawt" and i bet she says
by Twilighthater February 17, 2009
15 54