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A faggot that likes twilight
Person un: OMG DID YOU SEE TWILIGHT?!!!?!?!?!11
Person deux: STFU TWIFAG
by goodness grapeness January 09, 2009
Someone who is overly obsessed with the overrated Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Often in the age range of 12-16 (or in some cases, in their mid forties).

Twifags often wish they were shagging Edward Cullen rather than talking to you.

They often think they are a vampire.

They can also, more often than not, be incredibly annoying, but if ignored, they will just go away.
Girl: Oh goodness! I went outside and my eyeshadow SPARKLED! Sweet tap-dancing Jesus, I might just be a vampire!

Girl 2: Twifag.
by Lunar Escape January 10, 2009
A fag who is into the "Twilight" franchise. Can be either male or female.
That forum is full of Twifags
by The Boobster February 21, 2009
1) A male who finds any interest in the "Twilight" saga whatsoever.

2) One who owns or is any way associated with a Harley, and finds any interest whatsoever in the "twilight" saga.

synm. Twifaggot
"John saw "New Moon"? What a Twifag."

"Hey dude! That woman going into theatre 9 is definitely a biker. Twifag!"
by i dnt thnk ur redi 4 dis jelly December 01, 2009
people who watched the movie twilight.
you watched twilight???you twi-fag.
by vincent leming February 05, 2009