A potato with cheese that you order while eating at an overpriced, mediocre restaurant. Also can mean eating out a girl while she farts on you.
Jon, you totally just twice baked Sara
by Go Mets December 03, 2006
Top Definition
Smoking the purp all day and tanning at the beach. =]
Smoking mary jane in the sun while you are tanning; you are twice baked.
by KiinkyKiki June 23, 2013
A phenomena where a person takes a shit, freezes it to insert it into another's bung hole. The second then defecates the same shit, and the turd is said to be twice baked.
Babe, I think we need to get closer, I think I should try a twice baked turd
by JamesDougherty January 22, 2014
Person who fries their brain through heavy drug use, gives them up and becomes a born again Christian.
Tiffany, once a heavy meth user, lost a large share of her mental capacity for self control, reason, empathy, and logic. Substituting the chemical high of meth in lieu of extreme religious views and being "high on God", her brain is now Twice Baked.
by mrb200 July 13, 2015
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