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a name for someone that is constantly using technology in the everyday life, such as never leaving without the iPhone, iPod,cells, etc. Constantly using them no matter what time of day, or with any person around them, mainly saying the person is majority living life with a shit load of technology.

much like

technolgy + dweeb = tweeb
Dude 1- hey dude was up
Dude 2- hold on man im on the iphon

3 hours later

Dude 1- dude you wanna do something
Dude 2- no man i got to charge my iphone, and update my computer

4 hours later

Dude 1- dude you wanna hang
Dude 2- no man my iphone is charged and im getting on myspace

Dude 1- *facepalm* such a tweeb.........and you'll never get laid
by Infamous Austin July 06, 2009
Twin+Dweeb= Tweebs

Also used for people that are Dweebs^2 or major dweebs

Or for those that seem in some form Lame to the observer.

Reference: Kim Possible
Boys. They're ALL tweebs!
by Izaiah12 July 14, 2011
A twitter dweeb. Someone who corrects typos on twitter.
Really? You can't tell that "teh" was "the"? You're such a tweeb.
by tweeber anonymous February 04, 2014
a dorky twilight fan... twilight + dweeb
I'm glad you can point out all the differences between the twilight movie and book, but that makes you a tweeb.
by Sister of a tweeb July 09, 2010
A word that is a mix between Dweeb and Twerp. An insult used when trying to avoid cussing, but still wanting to make the other person feel like an idiot.
Shut the fuck up you stupid Tweeb!
by Leah G April 07, 2005
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