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A word smart people use to name anything, just to see if the less smart person believes them.
the strings at the bottom of helium balloons are called Twebs
by wraftes November 10, 2010
The name given to the string that holds a balloon.
I let go of the twebs and all of my balloons floated away.
by lwraft November 06, 2010
Someone who creates a fictional character (usually a female) to say that they have feelings for, so that they dont have to tell a girl that they are not interested.
"Callum is such a tweb...he made up this girl so I would think I had a chance, when actually, she dosent exsist."
by Kewny August 09, 2008
An evolution of a mixture of slang terms used to describe a global network of computers linked together over the TCP/IP protocol that allows people to connect and communicate pretty much anything to anyone (when it's not hampered by excruciating slow connections, or down completely).

Evolution: Internet > Interweb > Interwebs > Twebs
Person 1: Is the twebs working for you?

Person 2: Nah mate, the twebs has completely crapped itself. I can't even get on Facebook let alone do my actual work...
by yalooze April 28, 2011
(v.) To wear a paper crown from Burger King.
(n.) Twin-like behavior between a guy and girl.
I was twebbin' my crown.
My friend and i had tweb-like behavior.
by Hailtothefrootloop April 12, 2010
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