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To use a public washroom inside of a high school, more precisely a catholic school. To pleasure yourself with the use of masturbation. The twazzle has only been spotted twice! Many users of the twazzle do not believe it is wrong.
When J.A.H had to really really do it! The twazzle takes place on the holyest of days.
by Twizzle Twazzle November 24, 2006
A derivative of the word "Twat" that describes the pussy of a fat, over-sized women or a slut
Guy 1: "Dude check out Taylor"
Guy 2: "Dude are you high??? She has a fucking Twazzle!!
Guy 1: "Whoa... sorry, I missed her muffin-top"
by SkyHigh10 February 24, 2011
word with no meaning. extremely fun to say when drunk/high...created out of randomness by my friend Tselar. you know you wanna say it.. go ahead. Twazzle.

also; Fo' Twazzle Muh Nazzle
Brandi When Drunk: ya know what?
Sean: what?
Brandi: Fo' Twazzle muh Nazzle.
by Bittie July 11, 2006