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A another word for sex. It's cross between the two words tap and wax
Man Chelsea is so fine i can't wait to twax that ass
by Young Stunna April 19, 2006
21 19
Getting a full Brazilian wax.
I like my lady smooth, so she gets twaxed every couple of weeks.
by ameldamegos January 23, 2012
7 11
Verb: to remove bodily hair by tweezing and waxing
Bloke: "My man fro was so big my woman said she was gonna twax me. Though I was getting lucky until the pain started!"
by ZZMisc August 26, 2011
3 7
Verb. this is what you get when you come wit da stupid. it's NOT sex. them people speakin' dat bullshit.
homeboy talkin' smack
Yo, don't get twax'd.
by AfriKaBlacK September 09, 2008
9 18
1) in foreign languages, it means theft of a car

2) Mistakingly pronounced to mean female genitals
1) sdfhmkndf twax dihfd

2) thatz some sexy twax
by scoot March 29, 2004
2 16