Top Definition
a female that has the greatest pussy ever

makes them guys go B A N A N A S
guy 1: yo bro what did you do last night?

guy2 : man i banged this hot ass chick and she was TWATASTIC!!!!
by Vaguebooking February 05, 2010
Fantastic twatpussy.
Used by men after having fantastic sex with female.
Whoa, having sex with Marlina was twatastic!
by Teeze May 22, 2004
when a twatpussyis fantastic
dang thst bitch is twatastic
by mike(not my name ) October 08, 2003
Even better than fantastic (if that is possible)
1. That girls box is twatastic.
2. It was twatastic to see that guy fall to his death of the 3 foot cliff.
by bt March 05, 2003
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