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Twash, a corruption of the word "twat", meaning a womans genitals or an annoying person.
"fuck off you twash"
"you lick her twash"
by GeddyB February 24, 2005
Corruption of the word "Twat", meaning a womans genitals, also used as an insult. Was first used to insult a Welsh teacher, who put the "-ash" suffix on every word she could, for example "Put thash pencil down!"
In a sexual manner:

"Mark would love to lick Nina's twash, but he has a bird"

As an insult:

"Piss off you twash"
by Chris April 08, 2005
Especially pointless or useless comments made on Twitter; i.e. Twitter + Trash = Twash.
Man, this guy's feed is nothing but Twash.
by MabelJay August 04, 2011
To wash ones vagina after sexual intercourse. usually wiped with a wet towel to remove lube, etc. mostly referring to outside cleaning, although could also be substituted for the more vulgar word, douche.
"That was amazing, but I need to go twash off so I don't get sticky puss."
by wizdumb October 17, 2013

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