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Using Twitter or Facebook to update people with banal, brutally dull, meaningless activities or fortune cookie "insights." Also: gross oversharing. Noun versions: twankery, twanker.
"I love tacos!" "
"Why is ice cream so yummy?"

"I am making an omlet"

"Oprah at 10, yay!"

"Just had sex with the BF!"

"Life is better w/luv!

Response: "OMG quit twanking!"
by AnthonyIan October 07, 2010
The art of masturbating whilst twerking
I had a good twank to the new Cyrus video (twanking)
by Swayze baby December 28, 2013
When girls plank together, particularly lesbians.
Sarah and Lisa are twanking in the next room while we are left out holding out nutsacs in the cold.
by Seemorefish November 13, 2011
The tween version of cranking or wanking.
'Oh man, my little brother totes thinks he's hit puberty, little does he know he's just at stage one twanking'

'That Eighth Grader just got dumped on MSN and now he's at home twanking wishing he was old enough to actually finish it off'

by notbymenotnow April 14, 2009
The art of wanking whilst tweeting (using Twitter).

This is more commonly the response to a celebrity who has responded to a fellow tweeter.
@therealdavidbeckham hi @snedwan how are you doing.

@snedwan oh fuck me, david beckham has just tweeted me, I'm so excited I'm going to have to start twanking.
by Snedwan April 07, 2009
when someone is able to wank using their toes. when they do this it is called twanking.
i just caught jim twanking in his bedroom.
by lewis1991 April 29, 2007