To tweak something until it is beyond repair; whatever you were tweaking is now tanked, and you need to start over.
I tried to change the two-column newsletter to one column. Now the whole thing is twanked.
by Snarls Barkley January 10, 2012
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An over-the-hill twink.

The twink is the slender, often androgynous gay sprite, usually in his twenties, who can be seen in a variety of venues frequented by gay men.

The twank is the twink long past his prime.
C'est dommage! He was so fetching fifteen years ago, but now that dusty twank is only a shadow of what he'd been.
by Bud J. August 09, 2009
A cross between a "wanker" and a "twat"!
"That boy is a fucking twank".
by Urban Dictionary March 15, 2006
Twank = Twitter Skank. They follow everyone and anyone on twitter in hopes of that person then following them to boost their numbers. Also known as a Random Follower!
Jane is such a Twank, she followed another 1,000 people today and has no interest in any of them.
by Athalonius November 04, 2011
Nice rims on a car, normally chrome.
Damn! Check out the twanks ojn that honda!
by joe February 27, 2004
wanking over online porn, interne-t-wank = 'twank
''I was having a 'twank last night, watching the Abi Titmuss video when my missus walked in''
by Harry Gooper September 09, 2007
large nipples that resemble parking cones in both color, shape, and size.
that bitch had some nasty twanks man. i wanted to slap that hoe with my dick for a while to teach her a lesson
by Sir Twankington November 15, 2006
Also known as lil' bitch, twankle-berry, Teats, twank-nasty, and D. Teaters. Someone who enjoys staying up late watching porn and keeping others awake, they also enjoy the occassional towel bed if made properly.
Shit son, I want to get some shut eye up in this bitch but fuckin twank won't turn off the porn.
by Scadden December 07, 2005

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