A word used to describe a female who has previously been twanged or is due to be twanged (see 'twanged').

Not to be confused with the alternative meaning which simply means a girl is fuckable.

Twanged / twanging / Twangage - The art of discretely unclipping a females bra with the click of your finger and thumb in one swift move to create a look of panic on the recipient of the twang. This tends to work best on an attractive work colleague at a Christmas parties etc.
'You're so twangable', 'she's twangable', 'I'd love to twang that', 'seriously twangable' etc.
by SecretSanta2011 December 21, 2011
Top Definition
A simple word used when saying someone is fuckable
Person 1: "Do you see that girl over there?"
by twangfan April 19, 2011
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