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Acronym for Typical William and Mary Person. Used to describe the awkward, bookish, ugly, Wow-playing nerds that infest the College of William and Mary.
Girl 1: Hey, do you see that guy over there?
Girl 2: The one with the acne, hiking backpack, and no social skills?
Girl 1: Yeah. He's in my psych class. He's such a Twamp.
by ceciliaholden January 27, 2009
A sac-o-weed that costs $20
'We bought a twamp, loaded up the bong, and puffed away'
formal definition: one gram of marijuana costing $20.

other uses: often used to refer to sack (of any size) costing $20. and sometimes to refer to a 20 dollar bill.
Pancho's been paying a twamp for them twamps. Guess no one told him 'bout them eighters or better yet them nor cal half eighters at a 20 spot. fool needa recanize.
by Androp September 24, 2006
20 Dollars worth of weed, a 20 sack of weed
Boy 1: Want to buy this twamp?
Boy 2: Nah man i got an 8th at home.
Boy 1: aight, Peace
by bigremo907 March 31, 2007
A twenty dollar bill.
Hey let me get that twamp out ya.
by YouNg DiCkiE MaNe October 07, 2008
20" or larger diameter wheels for trucks
Dude- that truck's rollin on twamps
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
The sketchiest party house at Colorado College.

Origins may be from TWAT + SWAMP = TWAMP, or supposedly a reference to some sort of mold growing there. They always throw down Wednesday nights, and you'll be sure to see lots of freshmen sluts wasted out of their minds. An experience everyone must have at least once.
Person 1: You goin to The Twamp tonight??

Person 2: Nah, I don't want an STD.
by toastedbutter March 25, 2010
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