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A Twaker is the cross between a Tweeter (person on Twitter) and a Lakers fan.
So a Twaker is a Lakers fan on Twitter that follows everything and everyone Lakers! 24-7 LakersNation and live Tweeting during the games.
Of course I will follow you, your a fellow Twaker! GO LAKERS!!
by rollacoaster April 07, 2011
a word to define a tweeker but its more fun to call people twakers.
man, that dude is a mo'fucken TWAKER!!
by baby tweek November 26, 2005
a Twaker is the cross between a tweaker (person on crack) and a cracker (pretty much just a cracker i can't explain)
so a twaker is what you call people when they are acting really stupid or just need to be called a name and that is when you use this wonderful word

your friend says, i want celery

you say your a twaker!
by yeeeee thats meee February 19, 2010