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Noun: A person (usually male) who is:
Usually wears spectacles

Can also refer to a person who acts like the description above.

Adjective: Twadly
That guy looks like the mayor of Twadington he's such a twad.

That Finley is quite a twadly fellow.
by Cheese Williamson May 31, 2007
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Twad - the cum wad that falls out of your girls twat.
Dude don't sit on the couch my girl left some twad there.
by K-train August 01, 2014
(twod) n. Anyone who carry on a reasonable conversation or who rambles on and on with meaningless twaddle (twittle-twattle).
"Did you hear those two twads over there talking about the View." Or, "Sasha's boyfriend has such dreamy blue eyes, but as soon as he opens his mouth they fade to gray -- he's such a twad!"
by Rounder November 17, 2008
A dad who has been bitten by the twilight bug and become a twi-hard. In most cases the bug is carried by the twads tween daughter and often by his wife as well. In most reprted cases the twilight bug is not transmitted between men of hetero sexual orientation so the spread is slow, as opposed to the wildfire type spread that is known to effect female twi-hards.
"I can't believe that you took me to see New Moon on opening night, your a great Twad!"
by buzzsaw b February 22, 2010
Tall white assless dude
My boyfriend is such a TWAD.
by Ralphy Shingles March 26, 2007
Thing Without Any Dimensions.
insult:Fuck off you TWAD
by shriram zen krish rani June 04, 2005
Abbreviation of "Teens With Animal DNA" - a roleplay which will typically involve a group of teenagers in a laboratory who have been infused in some form or manner with the DNA of an animal.
Unfourtunately this type of roleplay is being overrun with illiterate n00bs.
"Let's do a TWAD RP!"
by Freakything March 05, 2007

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