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Twitchy and Wacky
Occurs in runners and other athletes when they have too much energy. Sometimes subtle, sometimes painfully obvious.
Lily hadn't gone running in 3 days, so as she really twacky trying to sit through class.
by DaffodilGurl February 05, 2010
3 2
To have the qualities of a stimulant, such as meth. This can include feelings of jitters, excess energy, paranoia, restlessness, etc. See twack.
1. I drank too much coffee and now I feel all twacky.
2. Sue did some twacky ecstasy and stayed up all night.
3. That guy is so twacky that he must do a lot of speed.
by Alia V January 08, 2008
4 3
a twacky is the shudder that goes up your spine when you are taking a very relieving piss.
"i was takin' a piss and i had a huge twacky and accidently peed on the floor."
by ryan April 01, 2004
4 4
in bad taste, but expensive
mentioned in The Liver Birds, series 5, episode 3, where Carol dismisses am expensive pair of shoes belonging to Sandra's mother as twacky
by nemoHove February 28, 2009
0 3
Nasty taste in your mouth, often after consuming something or something not so pleasurable
awww that gum has left a twacky taste in my mouth,

that's so twacky I wont be doing that again,
I shouldn't have burnt the candles at both ends last night wrecking it up I have got severe morning after twacky mouth gross!
by MoJo701 September 07, 2007
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