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Somebody who smokes fake weed.
"Hey man you hear about Tom? He became a total twacker always fucked up on that fake shit.. "
by imdabessss January 17, 2013
a user of the drug methamphetamine who has not forgotten that he/she uses methamphetamine, thereby making them somewhat immune to the paranoid delusions and hallucinations often associated with the drug
The twacker felt the person looked very familiar, but was able to dismiss the thought before saying anything due to his self-recognized "up for three days" status.
by francisco March 28, 2004
somebody who is a little out of touch with reality.
you are a twacker
by buddy May 08, 2003
Someone who thinks they can perform but are absolutely shite.
(Mixture of twat and wanker)
Be careful who you tell about our mini-festival - we don't want a load of twackers coming.
by worryingismeditation April 08, 2011
A mix between cracker & tweaker.
When the fuck are those twackers gonna go to sleep!!!!
by Ashley June 17, 2006
A hacker who hacks into other peoples' Twitter accounts.
Tweet: Please excuse the Viagra tweets coming from my Twitter account. I have been victimized by a twacker.
by TheDDog April 30, 2012
a twelve pack of beer
"It's only 3:00 and we've killed a twacker and a half, time to hit the store"
by bhood May 18, 2007
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