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Just before you drop a load it probably looks very similar to a turtle poking his head out of his shell. There is always some hang time involved wheter it be a couple of seconds or up to half a minute.

The point at which there is no turning back, you are completely committed to dropping a solid stanky nasty load - but, it has not completely come out.
"I need to go dump now-I've got a turtle pokin'-where is the fricken shitter in this effen campsite!!"

"Hey buddy, I think your kid has a turtle pokin in the back of his bathing suit--can you get him out of the effen pool?"
by R.Trelford March 08, 2004
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butt bangin', plain and simple.
"...and I was like, 'Excuse me ma'am, but I was wondering if I could interest you in a round of turtle pokin'?' and she was like, 'you provide the turtle and I will provide the poker', and I was like, 'Yikes!! Anus, lets get out of here!!'."
by scannin April 05, 2006

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