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1.when a piece of poo has protruded far enough from your rectum to touch your under-clothing.
I used my underpants to wipe the results of a cloth toucher out of my anus. I threw them in the women's bathroom.
by scannin October 10, 2006
(adj) Having a shaft and meatus so thick, insertion into a vagina (or similar orifice) is akin to childbirth, but in reverse.
Last night at the bar, I met a guy named Tyresius. Drinks and conversation flowed. One thing led to another and before I could say clitoris, I was being ripped by Tyresius' reverse birth girth. Ooo-la-la. Ouch.
by scannin December 14, 2014
butt bangin', plain and simple.
"...and I was like, 'Excuse me ma'am, but I was wondering if I could interest you in a round of turtle pokin'?' and she was like, 'you provide the turtle and I will provide the poker', and I was like, 'Yikes!! Anus, lets get out of here!!'."
by scannin April 05, 2006
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