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To have an enjoyable time while drinking Pinot Grigio, often in a desperate attempt to cling to your lost youth or to promote your own line of Pinot Grigio.
Sorry I couldn't pick you up from school, mommy was having turtle time.
by Pootie Toots July 19, 2011
The result of drinking syrup or "lean", a form of liquid codeine known as Promethazine which makes the user feel a slower perception of time/reality. Can also be applied to smoking marijuana.
No fast talk, I be on that syrup, I'm on that turtle time- lil wayne
by all day dre October 21, 2007
The time when the party begins and a week long blackout starts.
SJ: Dang Philly it's 10am and your drinking already?
PRH: What do you mean, I'm still wasted from last night, I'm on Turtle Time!
by Lola- SJ July 14, 2010
1) to engage in a fun activity
2) A statement used to break the silence
IT's turtle Time!
by Vote Ian December 27, 2008