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When you go to sell something as it's worth way less than you paid for it.
I went to sell my Turkish lira since I live in the United States and bought Turkish lira hoping it would be a worthy investment, and I went to sell it, and it turns out it's totally worthless! WTF! is wrong with the Turkish exchange rate?!

(also how this slang term originates)
by lolconservative September 19, 2016
Occurs when one Turkish girl is Eiffel towered by two guys and then immediately simba her after mixing the fluids of both their cum on her stomach.
Dude! We went out on the boat last night and had a great Turkish exchange rate with this girl. It was a horrible mess but Mustafa would be proud.
by Razorbacks jabberwoke September 19, 2016
When you take a shit on someones asshole and then Fuck the shit into the person
a guy could do the Turkish Exchange Rate to a girl
by T-money31 November 30, 2006
the echange in wich a man has sex with a turkey at a specific rate
hey, did you hear bill has a high turkish exchange rate
by KG or kuch god September 19, 2016
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