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A person who has extensive experience giving rapid, deep throat oral sex.
That bitch who sucked my dick really fast last night was a pro. She definitely was a "turkey head."
by Yesty Hotdog August 17, 2010
1. A person who is goofy and comical in demeanor but also highly skilled in the craft of Firefighting.
2. One who displays a deliberate act of stupidity.
3. A conniving bastard who manipulates the system to their own advantage.
1. Jimmy is quite a TurkeyHead, but did you see him save those children from the raging inferno?
2. That woman cut you off! What a TurkayHead.
3. Baker has three class B shirts? What a TurkeyHead.
by Sam Faint October 28, 2007
Similar to a woman who is a chicken head, but only a tad smarter.
The only reason your sister isn't a chicken head is because she graduated college, although her choice of boyfriends makes her a turkey head.
by Worldhead November 27, 2009
When you use a rubber glove (held together at the base of your penis with a runner band) as a condom and you put your penis in the middle finger and yell GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!! while you stick it in her ear.
I ran out of condoms last night and had to give this chick a turkey head. Its a good thing I keep all those rubber gloves handy.
by Gerald417 August 29, 2007
A chicken and or goat head used in reference to females of ill repute.
Hardcore reluctantly, against all better judgements, was obligated to paint a turkey heads face white during a contract bang video.
by PseudoMan420X May 01, 2011
When a fat girl is performing oral sex, and her double or triple chins tickle the person's testicles
Man, one great thing about dating fat girls, is the turkey head I be gettin!
by Abraham Autumnwood August 19, 2010
similar to a chickenhead but she's a lil thicker n a lot better at gobblin' it down
Damn son, that turkeyhead can gobble like a pro
by king ryno April 05, 2008