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A cougar past her prime, still on the hunt, but unable to bring down faster and wilier prey like the cubs she hunted during her prime. The turkey vulture is more reliant on incapacitated prey, akin to carrion, to feed her hunger for meat.
Are you kidding? She is twenty years past cougar, she's a turkey vulture.
by jewelsy April 03, 2011
Used to describe a scavenged kill during the course of a multi player first person shooter video game; such as taking someone else's kill, or watching two people duke it out then kill the person that is left living (but of course, at low life).
I just killed two people! Damn im just barely alive... Asshole turkey vulture just killed me.

I just got Turkey Vultched at camp curtis
by ScottieO. February 17, 2005

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