bay area dance, exclusive shit
original hyphy dance
'ay can u turf?'
"hell yea, u know i can"
by WOA March 16, 2006
1)A place that a group or gang thinks they own, usually there neighborhood

2)To look around for a woman to fuck
1)*Gang 1 goes into Gang 2's neighborhood*
Gang 2: Get the hell out of here, this is our turf.

2)Ben's so desperate, he needs to go turing in Times Square to find a chick to bang
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
Area where which a streetgang calls it's own (neighborhood)
This is our turf, get the h*ll out!
by ein July 21, 2003
This style of dance originated in Sacramento but spread to the Bay Area. It involves gliding on the floor, moving your ams/hands/legs in box like shapes, and being smooth with your motions. It's basically the sickest way to danceeeeee

"Yo, dis poppin shit is hella old, son..."
"Fo sho! Let's go watch Kareem turf!"
by Hollerrrrrrrrrr February 27, 2009
verb in medical jargon meaning to send a patient to be someone else's responsibility because the patient is either a pain to deal with, because they are not going to get better, or both.
What happened to Ms. X, did she talk Dr. Y into giving her some Percocet?
No! Dr. Y grew a pair and turfed her ass to the floor.
Sweet! Too bad those dumb bitches on the floor are just going to turf her ass back here the next time she hyperventilates because they aren't serving lobster.
by Ratched, RN July 01, 2013
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