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When one defecates in the bathtub, then runs around in circles, creating a current that causes the turdpedos to follow after the person like a torpedo.
Guy 1: Dude, what the hell is that in the tub?!?!

Guy 2: That's a turdpedo!!!

Guy 1: RUN!!!!!

Guy 2: Oh no, they're chasing me!!!
by Poopyhead555 August 05, 2009
A Turd that when flushed, keep reappearing back into the bottom of the toilet bowl.
After i flushed the toilet it became apparent that i would be under attack by a Turdpedo for many flushes to come.
by Capt_Blueballs July 24, 2013
A word derived from the word, "torpedo." When you are pooping and the turd falls from your rectum and plops, shooting the water from toilet bowl up into your colon.
Amber: "Dang I was taking a poop and had a turdpedo."
by Yutsoku April 21, 2008
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