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A perfectly respectable research topic and excuse for wasting the last 5 years of my life.
I can't come home for Christmas Mom, I'm studying turbulence.
by Mark December 14, 2004
1) When there is a big ruckus.
2) When something isn't going as planned.
-- Surfers use it alot --
Theres a group of surfers out waiting for a swell then the perfect wave comes and a bunch of people go for it and end up snakin' the ride while bumping into each other, then my friend you would use the word turbulence (with the hang ten hand movement).
by Melanie June 09, 2004
Turbulence is the coolest band ever, no doubt.
"Have you heard of Turbulence?"
"Duh, who hasn't?"
by figment of your imagination May 28, 2008