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A shit that's forced out of the ass by a fart.
After a night of cheap beer and pizza you'll wake up with the turbo shits.
by colanblow August 04, 2008
The name given to the activity of shitting really fast. Especially used by disorganised people who dont have the shit-management gene and usually find themselves running to the bog hoping to 'send a sausage to the seaside' quickly because theyve got more important things to do.

Also used by internet junkies who find that logging on acts like a laxative and makes them want to 'log off'.

Often used to describe the vast quantities of crap produced by the above mentioned activity.
You should have seen it mate, I had a turboshit and it was poking out of the pan!

Ive got 30 seconds before she gets here, ill have a turboshit, no time to wash my hands.
by missadventure November 04, 2006
When you sit down on the toilet and the gas builds up like an enigne's turbo spooling up and then all the boost comes at once blowing your shit everywhere!
"The chili I ate last evening gave me the turbo shits so bad it was blowing out under the toilet seat."
by FRANEIGH September 05, 2006
a shit that has built up so much back pressure that it shoots out your ass befor you sit down. And only lasts about five minuts.
i hade to shit so bad that it shot out my ass like a bullit.
my shit was turbo gharged.
i had to take a turboshit so bad i allmost didnt make it.
by zach bass April 14, 2010
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