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a gun, usualy unregistered or stolen used in gang fights and other shady shit
other names: lick, gat, burner, strap, clip
you better not bring no turbos into this nigga cuz i got straps to

by boobler November 12, 2006
4 32
a small and fairly inexpensive car part that automatically makes your car 2 times faster than a rice rocket.
I got a turbo Honda biotch!
by timmy taco April 18, 2003
14 42
turbo, in gaming terms, is used as a substitute for very, or really. see also uber
dude that's like turbo lame

look at that turbo n00b
by Kairen February 02, 2005
5 34
Turbo is Yuri my cowgirl cuz she moves around fast!!!
Slow down on those stairs TURBO!!
by Enishi March 18, 2005
3 34
a dirty goth mongoloid
omg check that gay turbo over there
by cheese August 21, 2004
6 47
A Turbo Is A Fag
Uugh why u starin at me u fuckin turbo
by Skillz January 03, 2004
10 62