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A tuque is indeed a hat which keeps us warm during the -20/-40 winters of Québec and the rest of Canada. The word "tuque" is especially used in other, metaphoric expressions as well.
"Attache ta tuque!"

This expression means "you'll have a hard time doing this or that". Another variant is:

"Attache ta tuque avec de la broche!"

That means the task at hand is even steeper.
by K January 19, 2005
Canadian name for a knit cap that covers the ears to keep them warm. Usually made of wool. From the French word Toque.
Check that dudes tuque!!
by Dohmnuill December 30, 2004
Erik is a %$#@ing tuque
by CA-707hype November 01, 2009
"Oh man! I just tuqued in my hat!"
by Tuquehead September 11, 2009