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Derived from tutorial and pal. Mostly used in video games (though are used in outher medias as well), a 'tupal'is a little friend , usualy giving hints, explaining something irrelevant, filling a supporting role. a tupl usualy flies around the character's head.Having little contribution to the story.

here are some famous examples of a 'tupal';
Link = navi (legend of zelda)
Cream = Cheese (sonic the headgehog)
Crash bandicoot = Aku Aku (Crash bandicoot)
Dr.Cortex = Uka Uka (Crash bandicoot)
Spiro = Sparx (spiro the dragon)
Ash Ketchum = Pikachu (pokemon)
Jak= Dexter (Jak and Dexter)
Rachet = Clank (Rachet and clank)
aang = Momo (avatar the ledgend of aang)
ect ect

by ChibiTupal March 07, 2009
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